Golden Flight

A regular annual camping event, usually held over the long Canterbury Anniversary weekend. Join the populace of Southron Gaard for a weekend of camping, Archery, Fighting, and Collegium.

Details change each year - check the Events Calendar for dates.

Golden Flight 2020 is now over. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this such a great event!

Where: Rimu Park Scout Camp, 566 Buchanans Road, Yaldhurst, Christchurch 7676

Booking Fees:

  • Full event $42.50 Adult/$22.50 Child (site fees only).
  • Day tripping $22.50 Adult/$12.50 Child per day (site fees only)
  • NZ Non-member fee $2.00

Meal Options:

  • All meals: $35 Adult / $17.50 Child
  • Friday lunch: $5 Adult / $2.50 Child
  • Friday dinner: $10 Adult / $5 Child
  • Saturday lunch: $5 Adult / $2.50 Child
  • Saturday dinner: $10 Adult / $5 Child
  • Sunday lunch: $5 Adult /$2.50 Child

Join the populace of Southron Gaard for a weekend of camping, Archery, Fighting, AND Collegium. Located in the intimate camp ground and facilities of Rimu Park Scout Camp, approximately 20mins by car from Christchurch's city centre. This event promises to be a relaxed affair with diverse activities to inspire the minds and imaginations of all attendees.

Activity streams will be dependent on volunteers for running items. (these include but are not limited to : A&S classes, martial classes, martial activities / tournaments, guild meetings, workshops, dance/ball, music, etc...) the timetable will be available much closer to the event. If you want to run an activity, please get in touch with Kotek :)

Accommodation is available for staying overnight; either camping in the grounds, or the hall alcoves. There are showers and toilets at the site.

Catering options:

  • There is a shared potluck dinner Thursday night. Please bring a dish or item to contribute
  • The event includes a very basic breakfast of grains and the kitchen will be open for those who wish for a more complex breakfast (but you will have to clean up after yourself).
  • Catered Dinners are a substantial meal served to tables
  • Catered Lunches are simple buffet style meals.

We will endeavour to cater for all dietary and cultural needs, but cannot guarantee to all. Please ask if you have any questions.

The booking form is available online here.

For questions about the event email Kotek here.

For questions about booking and payment email Mistress Ginevra here.

Come. Bring Friends. Do Archery. Fight. Learn Things. Be Inspired.